For ten years Roulston Research (RR) offered institutional investors, consultants and companies a network of traditional and non-traditional independent research sources. “Boots on the ground” research is an important and relevant service needed for investors. Public information is created by the motivation and hard work to gain advantage. Due to multiple family health issues, I have had to limit my travel dramatically in support roles. Due to my circumstances, we cannot deliver the same service as in the past.

The investment research industry has changed. Compliance teams intimidated by government overreach now tame research methodology. Zealous analysts overstep long established questioning standards while hedge funds raise money from sovereign funds of ruthless dictators. Insider trading, government regulation, research budget trends etc., there are many changing factors. It is concerning that our industry (for the first time in my 30 year career) is having a hard time policing itself and actually deserves much of the recent bad press. Any industry is only as moral as your lowest common denominator. Performance of client funds has taken a back seat to performance bonuses. It has made the research business an ethical melting pot that has conflicts and motivations at odds with the industry legacy I love.

At Superior Capital Management LLC we allocate client money to style diversified performing managers. We are always looking for great managers. I want to meet and hear managers' thought strategies to familiarize me with their styles and thinking. So if you have an interest in contacting me or any of our former partners or staff please go to our website or call me at 216-780-9581.

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